My Vision

The promotion of young scientists is particularly important to me, not least because I was called at a very young age and I have a lot to thank my sponsors for. I see it as my job and my privilege to support my PhD students in their development in accordance with your skills, your passion and your goals.

Ph.D. (ongoing)

Christoph Egger






Viktoria Ronge






Dominic Deuber






Sri Aravinda Krishnan Thyagarajan






Russell W. F. Lai







Ph.D. (completed)

Giulio Malavolta

First position: Postdoc@Carnegie Mellon University
Current position: Postdoc@Berkeley
Thesis: Cryptographic Clocks and Applications



Tim Ruffing

First position: Blockstream Cryptographic Engineer
Thesis: Cryptography for Bitcoin and Friends




Nils Fleischhacker

First position: Postdoc@Johns Hopkins University and Carnegie Mellon University
Current position: Assistant Professor Ruhr University Bochum
Thesis: Minimal Assumptions in Cryptography.

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